Automatic Squeegee Sharpener

Product Description

1. The squeegee holder is fixed by fast clamping device, the parallel of the squeegee is adjustable.
2. It can be used for different brands of squeegee with mechanical or manual squeegee holder.
3. Diamond style grinding stone with high/low speed selection.
4. 0~45° sharpening function is standard. Extra semicircle sharpening is optional.
5. With vacuum to remove the rubber waste.

Automatic Squeegee Grinder
Model KY-700GR KY-1000GR KY-1300GR KY-1600GR KY-2000GR
Grinding Stroke 70 100 130 160 200
Grinding shape Flat, 0-45°, semicircle
Machine dimension 180*48* 152 210*48* 152 240*48* 152 270*48* 152 310*48* 152
Power supply: 3 phase, 50/60HZ (voltage is negotiable)

For sharpening squeegee which is with manual or mechanical squeegee holders.